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November 27, 2014

Yes it’s another illustration post—I’ll do something different next time, promise!

After getting to grips with my recent brush pen purchase, it’s made me question whether digital inking may be better (or at least more efficient) to traditional inking. I personally prefer the feel and control of pen to paper but I’m always looking to learn new tricks so I’ve sourced a few tutorials on the subject. I’ll show my own process and results in due course but here’s what I’ve found so far—all credit to the relevant authors on superb posts, there’s some great nuggets here.

Set up a Wacom for Photoshop
First and foremost, if you’re using a tablet for digital illustrating (which you really should be), here’s a step by step process from Digital Arts of setting up your Wacom through it’s own onboard settings and Photoshop. If you’re looking for pressure sensitivity, brush presets and key shortcuts then this is a good place to start. Not essential but this will certainly aid to a more realistic “feel” when sketching or inking with a tablet.


Sketching and penciling in Photoshop
Dani Jones has written a thorough guide on creating a pencil brush and sketching within Photoshop. Dealing with similar steps of setting the Wacom pen sensitivity, this also delves further into explaining how to create a textured brush setting if you want to head straight into drawing digitally with the impression of rough pencil line work. The post also continues with the steps of taking your art into Illustrator for inking and colouring.


Create dynamic black and white art in Photoshop
Back to Digital Arts where Eric Kim shows us his process from start to finish of creating artwork by hand, importing to Photoshop and touching on Manga Studio to finish his awesome black and white anime art. A bit advanced if you’re just starting out but there’s some great tidbits and it’s worth checking out if only to see the finished piece.


How to colour inked line art in Photoshop
Focussing more on colouring your image, this tutorial from Matt Fox has loads of great advice from scanning and cleaning to colouring and texturing your art. Not only a great all round tutorial but a source file is provided to download and the steps are really well explained so you shouldn’t have any trouble following along.


I’ll be using bits and bobs from all these tutorials so check back in a couple of weeks to see my efforts (or lack of)!

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