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January 27, 2015

Having never made a new year’s resolution before (other than those silly throwaway notions of drinking less and eating healthier), I thought this time round I could try to apply myself at being more creative and start drawing again—something I enjoyed years ago although unfortunately lost time for. Like most hobbies, they start with the best intentions but tend to get placed on the back-burner due to either lack of time or trivial distractions (Netflix and PS Vita I’m looking at you).

So, going against every fibre of my being, I thought I’d finally create an Instagram account as a tool to find inspiration amongst the endless vapid “selfies” of vacuous…ahem.

Low and behold, it seems there’s a decent use to this food/face photo dump and I’ve found people I actually want to follow. And the very same people have something worth sharing. So before this post develops further into a subconscious rant, here’s a small selection of fantastic artists to check out.

Nuri Durr
This guy’s art recently inspired me to part with the most amount of money I’ve ever spent on a set of colouring pens (which is mainly why I’ve been in for all of January).


Todd Nauck
An artist for major comic studios who also makes hand colouring look like it’s come straight out of a printer.


Rigour Studio
A freelance creative who illustrates but also creates fantastic hand typography. He’s also posted a few pictures of Doombar which I instantly took a shine to.


Wid Cahyanto
From Indonesia, an artist who’s steampunk/cartoony style I really admire—It’s quite distinct from the majority of other illustrators on there.


A curation of all things typographical from various artists. A great account in itself to find and follow people. This particular hand drawn type is from Sean McCabe.

sean mccabe

Jake Parker
Any person who draws a dinosaur straddling a pig on a skateboard has to be worth taking notice of, right?


Kerby Rosanes
No explanation needed if you already know who this is. Incredible work.


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