October 16, 2014

This will probably be a regular posted topic as I’m a big fan of typography. Unfortunately I have less chance to use it these days what with working online, so I love the opportunity of a print project—be it commercial or even self initiated in order to keep my noggin active. I do love editorial type and weirdly enough enjoy the challenge of formatting an annual report now and again but it’s hand lettering I hold in the highest regard. I recently bought a Pentel Brush Pen for a type project I’m working on and it’s extremely additive to use. Takes a little while to get the hang of but it’s spot on for scripting or even inking fine detailed line work for illustrations. I’ll post some examples of what I’m drawn to soon but feel free to visit my Pinterest to get more of an idea.

Anyway, back to topic at hand. There’s so many inspirational resources out there for typography it’s hard to keep track of them all so here are some great sites which have helped me and that I still visit on a regular basis.

Typography Served
One of my bookmarked sites which I open daily. It’s a curation site from a wide range of creatives on Behance.

We Love Typography
A similar curation site which has a lot of hand lettering. Also sports a nice filter to show random projects of search by colour.

Type Everything
A huge collection of so many different styles with an infinite scroll. You can easily lose a lot of time browsing this beauty.

Friends of Type
Massive images of mostly hand drawn lettering with plenty of inspiration.

Site Inspire    |     Awwwards
Technically not typography sites I know, but they’re a go-to for seeing whats out there and each has a number of search options. If you’re not aware of these get them in your bookmarks!

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